Jennifer Chamandi

Jennifer Chamandi
Jennifer Chamandi Boghossian

When it comes to fashion especially shoe design its designers come from different walks of life. Jennifer Chamandi Boghossian is from Britain with Lebanese roots. Before pursuing her shoe entrepreneur dreams Boghossian graduated with a degree in Economics from the London School of Economics. Deciding life as a Senior Banker was not for her, Jennifer decided to pursue her childhood dream of creating her own shoes. In pursuit of this goal Boghossian attended shoe design classes at Cordwainers and Central Saint Martins.

When it comes to shoe design Jennifer believes in creating shoes with a focus on form and color. In addition, Ms. Boghossian finds influence from the abstract geometry art movement. Jennifer adeptly merges her creative side with her analytical one to create a winning shoe collection.

All of the shoes from Jennifer Chamandi are made in Parabiago, Italy with her signature Eye of Needle heel. Styles from the collection are below.

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