8 Alternatives For Your Favorite Deciem Beauty Products Oct10


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8 Alternatives For Your Favorite Deciem Beauty Products

8 Alternatives For Your Favorite Deciem Beauty Products

Taylor Bryant

Earlier this week, controversial Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe announced in an Instagram post that the brand is shutting down operations “until further notice.” Though this isn’t exactly surprising for anyone that’s followed the very long saga of Truaxe and his claims of wrongdoing and public pleas for help, it’s still a major blow for fans of the company’s many brands.

One is The Ordinary, which we've long called "the best high-end skin care duper around" and is beloved for a couple of reasons. For starters, the products are ridiculously affordable. Second, the quality is similar to that of far pricier products. Plus, the ingredients are minimal yet effective, and the simplicity of its products provides customers a kind of transparency rarely seen in the beauty space. Its tagline “clinical formulations with integrity” actually holds a lot of truth to it.

Now that it looks like The Ordinary’s time may be coming to an end, we decided to find some alternatives to the brand’s most popular products. The ones we recommend won’t be dead ringers for the originals, and the prices for some may also be higher, but you can, and should, consider buying them just in case the company doesn't stage a comeback.    

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