Rainbow Future by Salvatore Ferragamo

Rainbow Future by Salvatore Ferragamo

Rainbow Future by Salvatore Ferragamo represents the label’s foray into the eco-fashion market. The platform is modeled after the 1938 Rainbow Sandal created by Ferragamo for Judy Garland.

Rainbow Future’s platform is hand-finished in veritable wood and made with organic cotton. Also, the leather lining is finished with no carbon dioxide emission or water consumption. Other eco-friendly materials such as water glue, non-galvanized brass and recycled sewing thread were also used to make this shoe. When it comes to the packaging Ferragamo uses biodegradable cotton bags and recyclable cardboard shoeboxes. Each pair of shoes will be accompanied by a limited edition certificate that describes its history and special characteristics.

Salvatore Ferragamo aims to gain an ISO 14067 certification — which will calculate the emissions produced during its making and compensate them through reforestation programs, making it a “carbon neutral” shoe.

Only 100 pairs of the Rainbow Future will be produced and will be only sold in select Ferragamo stores for $3,300.

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