Roth Malêre

Roth Malêre
Alma Garcia

Roth Malêre, a shoe company based in Mexico is the proud child of designer Alma Garcia. Each shoe from Roth Malêre is handmade from materials sourced from Mexico. Creating each shoe takes about 30 hour with 4 artisans working on each separate step. When designing for the collection Alma Garcia takes inspiration from her Mexican culture and fastidiously applies it to each heel.

Roth Malêre Roth Malêre Roth Malêre Roth Malêre

Looking at the shoes you can tell that they are made for the luxury market because of their unique designs combined with opulent materials. Mexican art is colorful and vibrant so it should come as no surprise that Ms. Garcia used it as an inspiration for her designs.  Any of these shoes would be perfect for that trip to Cancun, Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta.

To see more shoes please go to the Roth Malêre website.

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