True Gault-Custom fit shoes via your iPhone app

True Gault

True Gault

Yesterday, True Gault released a smartphone app that makes it easier for women to realize their dream of having custom made shoes. The app currently works on IOS and the user must have an iPhone 5 or higher. For a lady to get her measurements it only takes 10 mins and the user only has to take three pictures of each foot. After taking the pictures the smart technology generates her unique size and a 3D image of her foot.

Armed with this information a prospective customer can choose from over 20 different styles, colors and heel heights. Customers can also choose from over 40 different materials as well. After making a choice it will take four weeks for a customer to get their custom shoe from Spain. True Gault guarantees that the shoes you receive will fit and will make any necessary adjustments to make you satisfied; plus each shoe is backed by the True Gault Fit Guarantee.

True Gault
Sandra Gault

True Gault by started by self-proclaimed “geek in heels” Sandra Gault who was discouraged by the fact that she could not find good looking and comfortable shoes. Before starting True Gault Sandra worked for Kodak and IBM and in order to pursue her dream began a shoe apprenticeship to learn the art of shoemaking. Currently, the company is part of Google’s Accelerated Growth Program and just recently Project Runway judge Nina Garcia joined the company as an advisor.

The app is currently available from the Apple App store and to see other styles please go to the True Gault website.

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