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Warby Parker Winter 2014 via TresChicNow.com #sunglasses #stars #topknot #style

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My first pair of Warby Parker glasses are from their cool collab with Suno. They’re still in heavy rotation and I always get compliments and inquiries. I still love them as much as the first day they arrived and they’re in excellent condition two years later (after wearing them at least a few times per week). The Winter 2014 collection from Warby Parker just launched with eight new styles in six new tones. Since I no longer need Rx specs, I go straight for the sunglasses. There are plenty of new options from the new collection but I have my eye on the Reilly in Sparrow Grey. The soft lines on the acetate frames are a beautiful understated gradient. It’s subtle and chic, which fits right in with my minimalist wardrobe. I also like the Jennings shades in Beach Glass, a gorgeous light seafoam blue. I’m pretty certain the Reilly frames are calling my name and would be “the one” for me from Winter 2014. Thankfully, Warby Parker still has that awesome try-on program so you can select five pairs and try them for five days before you make the final call. Don’t forget that when you buy a pair, Warby Parker gives a pair. With our help, they’ve distributed over a million pairs of glasses to people in need. WarbyParker.com

Warby Parker Winter 2014 Reilly Sparrow via TresChicNow.com

Warby Parker Winter 2014 via TresChicNow.com #glasses #stripes

Warby Parker Jennings Beach Glass via TresChicNow.com

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