Liam Fahy Spring 2014 Collection

LF0111A Maribel Red Nappa Side
LF0111A Maribel Red Nappa Rear
LF0109B ALYS paisley Side
LF0109B ALYS paisley Rear
LF0015D ALYS red Nappa Side
LF0015D ALYS red Nappa Rear
LF0106B Charlotte Paisley Pair
LF0106B Charlotte Paisley Rear
LF0103B Fleur blk patent Side
LF0103B Fleur Blk Patent Top
LF0100A Lyla Black Canvas Side
LF0100A Lyla Black Canvas Pair

After celebrating my favorite holiday I am happy to bring you the 2014 Spring collection of Liam Fahy. The collection is the first from Liam after winning the British Fashion Council NEWGEN award. Summer Rain, which is the name of the collection showcases various artistic influences.
One influence comes from Anthony Minghella’s adaption of the Talented Mr. Ripley and the detailed tailored apparel of the actors in the movie.
This appreciation of the finer things in life leads to Mr. Fahy’s other influence and this one is geographic in nature and comes from the luxury locale Cote d’ Azur. The fabric material of the Lyla and Charlotte shoes is a reflection of this influence.
Liam’s favorite silhouette for Spring 2014 is the Fleur and when creating this piece Fahy thought of Victorian iron fences. These items were usually black with very detailed sculptures and curves.
Summer Rain is another strong collection from Liam and that is why he is one of my favorite designers today.