Music Video: Sleigh Bells


Are you suffering from a lack of crashing guitars, handclaps, and general bad-assery in your life? Sounds like you’ve got a case of the post-Labor Day blahs. But don’t worry, because this new music video from Sleigh Bells should fix things right up.

“Bitter Rivals” is the latest track off the New York duo’s forthcoming third album. And while the single reminds us a bit of 2010′s “Crown on the Ground” thanks to its throbbing percussion backbone and in-your-face chorus, it  also reminds us exactly of why we love them so much. For one, Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller directed the video themselves (and it rules–watch til the end!). Also, they reference Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities in the lyrics.

Finally, the style is exactly as great as you’d expect. Krauss wears her traditional Keds and cut-offs (this time studded), and an insane leopard “Bitter Rivals” jacket, whereas Miller reps LSU in a huge way with his jersey. Guess someone’s excited for football season…

Watch “Bitter Rivals” above! –LIZA DARWIN