Song Premiere: MS MR (RAC Remix)


MS MR‘s “Think of You” is an upbeat track (despite it’s heavy, I’ve-been-wronged subject matter), don’t get us wrong, but if you ever daydreamed about what it would sound like if it was turned up to 11, we’ve got our answer:

RAC, the international remix collective, took a stab at out dance-ifying the dance vibe of the original. Think sharper beats, cleaner production, and a ’90s club-tinged chorus. It’s still the calling-out-a-bad-ex anthem, only with more moments to start fist-pumping along with it in solidarity.

If you didn’t have a reason to celebrate the long weekend, we’re pretty sure this should do the trick. We’ve got a free download of “Think of You” (RAC Remix) below, prepare to listen to it on repeat while you wait for MS MR’s US tour to kick-off in September. –REBECCA WILLA DAVIS