Gosling Vs. Dean, The Earring Edition


In the battle of Hollywood heartthrobs, it really doesn’t get much better than Ryan Gosling and James Dean. Sure, the actors have their differences– Dean was before Gosling’s time (he passed away in 1955) and possessed more of a bad boy edge than The Notebook‘s leading man–but one thing both of these guys share? That would be the ability to make pretty much any girl swoon, duh.

The two of them obviously have a place in our hearts–after all, nobody could ever make us choose between Rebel Without A Cause and Drive. But what about in your jewelry drawer? Fred Flare has just stocked new Ryan Gosling earrings, joining Etsy designer Meowheads in putting Hollywood dream dudes into your jewelry collection. Check them out and let us know which guy is #1…but then again, if you do cave and end up getting both, we don’t blame you one bit. –LIZA DARWIN