Editor’s Pick: Skulls Get Sweet

There are just certain parties that require an outfit with a hint of badassery. What better way to feel like a badass than to wear a skull on your body? I’m not talking about going out and getting a new tattoo (although now I’m contemplating that, too), but I am talking about wearing this lace skull tank (a sweeter version of the regular old skull and bones graphic tee) from Once Youth.

It’s obviously inspired by the Mexican sugar skull–a version that’s literally made from melted sugar and poured into a skull-shaped clay mold. After being dried and hand-painted, each sugar skull is said to represent a departed soul (traditionally made for The Day of The Dead Celebration: #creepy #cool). Let’s face it, the only departed soul I need to honor is mine, after I lose it at this party later.

How to wear it? I’m thinking black leather pants, a pair of Converse All Star Originals (totally beat-up, of course), bright red lipstick, and tons of arm candy make for the perfect badass party outfit that’s been dunked in sugar. –JACKIE YAEGER