Birthday Reflections Apr20


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Birthday Reflections

A couple of weeks ago, I crossed over to the other side of 30. Trying to ignore it only lasted but a few hours, as a surprise bouquet of tulips made its way to the office. Cover blown, I surrendered to it and thoroughly enjoyed it, with pie from the coworkers, a cozy dinner with bf, and, as a cherry on top, a phone call from the family birthday chorus (warbly grandma included - and in top form, I might add) before turning in for the night.

I've pulled some inspiring imagery for my 31st year from my Pinterest. Among the many things I still need to do in this life, feasible and fantasy:

Walk down this street:
Cherry blossoms in bloom in Bonn, Germany. Photo by Marcel Bednarz. 

Take a day off to do nothing but laze about. Porch optional, but preferable:
Photo from Planet Blue lookbook, via Spell

Wander through this magical rooftop garden:
Source unknown

Explore otherworldly lands:
Marble caves in Chile Chico, Chile via sun-surfer

Visit towns like this:
Phugtal Gompa, India via tea-light.tumblr

Hole up in a yurt bedroom like this:

Come home to these doors . . .
source unknown

figure out how to make these floors:

Secretly don fancy birthday pants on all subsequent birthdays:

And, perhaps, most of all, to simultaneously live in New York and SF.